About me

Paula Maunsell - Mother, Writer, Parent Coach


As an Irish immigrant in New York I have a tradition of stepping boldly into the unknown to explore new territory. As a Catholic I found Conscious Parenting brought me into a closer relationship with my understanding of God (The mysterious force behind life). It reignited a close relationship for me with Jesus (Divine Masculine Energy), Mary (Divine Feminine Energy) and my own spiritual essence.

As a mother to four children I have discovered my own darkest shadow and my deepest joy on my parenting journey. Eleven years after becoming a mother; I still continue to grow and learn in ways I never envisioned at the start. I work each day to balance my life. I am right there in the parenting arena with you. 

As a writer I see story everywhere. I love that my Christian faith is based on stories. As a Certified Conscious Parent Coach, I understand how the story we tell ourselves, impacts our decision making and our ability to be present with our child. 

I would love to be a witness to your story and guide you towards the ending your heart truly desires.

Parent Coaching


The decision to pursue Conscious Parent Coaching requires a brave step into uncharted territory. Many parents recognize their own habitual patterns but shy away from asking for help. It is my experience that good parents seek out ways to be better. 

Conscious Parent Coaching is a short term process of unraveling and creating new neural pathways, for you, as the parent to utilize going forward. I do not offer mental heath counseling or provide mental health diagnoses. I can provide referrals to relevant mental health professionals when deemed appropriate and support you (and/ or your child) on that journey.

Taking the First Step


Committing to being a conscious parent requires shedding, reflection and unfolding. Dedication from you to do the inner work. It all begins by taking that first step.

There is no shortage of information and knowledge available to parents. In fact, there is so much data and conflicting opinions that it can be overwhelming. 

The Conscious Parenting Method while reviewing key data; reconnects you to your own inner guidance and strength.

  My commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support through this inner transformation.

Mindfulness Practice


I strongly encourage all my clients to develop a Meditation Practice. I am Christian and have developed a deeper connection, to my faith and/or myself, through this simple daily practice. I don't seek to convert anyone to my personal religious beliefs. I respect and enjoy learning about all religions and spiritual traditions. We can also refer to this practice as Mindfulness, Reflection, Musing, Contemplation, Watching Thoughts and Feelings, Quite Time, Me Time and so on.
Significantly, the power of observing my mind without reaction, has opened me up to "The Power of The Pause" in my parenting.



A fundamental part of conscious parenting is defining your boundaries. Children need containment and reasonable limits to feel safe and secure. They require our boundaries to push against and ultimately define their own. Conscious parenting is not permissive parenting or controlling dogma. It is juggling the wants and needs of each individual and providing a framework where all parties can grow.

Business and Life Coaching


The Art of Conscious Living can be learned and implemented by all individuals, in any walk of life. Whether your struggle is personal or professional; or perhaps in balancing both. There is hope and relief in pursuing this path and I would be honored to walk with you on it.

If you are facing challenges in your work place; in motivating and managing staff, in decision making and financial planning - this approach has the potential to release these blocks too.



How can a life coach help me?

Through our client-coach relationship, I guide you in reflecting on your parenting pattern. Together we develop individual unique solutions to implement in your home. Following a designated period we will review progress, blocks and the lessons learned.  Working with a coach in this way helps you to stay motivated and on-task; even through set-backs. It also helps you see the incremental steps forward that will ultimately move you and your family toward your long term, far-reaching goals.
Through our short-term coaching relationship you are introduced to new parenting techniques, strategies and a world of parenting resources that are yours to use forever. 

In this world of information overload I will help you discover the next steps to bring more joy into your own life. I will work to be your advocate and confidant while providing you the space and feedback to work towards your own defined goals. 


What kind of commitment do I need to make?

I recommend that each client commit to this parenting approach for a minimum of a 6-month period. I believe at that stage you will have witnessed enough significant change to be on-board for life. The one-on-one coaching sessions can we be held weekly at the start or spread throughout the period. According to each individual client's needs. 

At the start of our coach-client relationship we jointly sign a commitment contract outlining your individual goals and plans. 


How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule an introductory session.  In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and if our life philosophies are in sync. 

If we decide to work together I will send you a Conscious Coaching Method Intake Form and a Commitment Contract. These you send back complete prior to our first session.